Wednesday, June 28, 2006
  Bill Moyer's new series on PBS

I don't watch TV much, so this is probably not news to some of you, but I found a cool series running on PBS: Bill Moyer's On Faith and Reason.

Colin McGinn said an interesting thing that I pretty much agree with. Criticism is not persecution.

Also, a plug for PBS - Content like this, and the science shows I loved growing up is one of the reasons PBS needs to stay alive. Discovery channel is good, but a lot of their programming is redundant and/or dumbed down or controversied up.
Discovery the channel has gone off the deep end over the past few years. They have aired a number of documentaries on such topics as ghosts, crop circles, psychics, etc that have little to no skeptic input. It is clear that the producers are trying to ramp up the ratings at the expense of reason.
I agree with that. I haven't thought of the Discovery Channel as a science channel for a long time. It's more of a disaster and wierd stuff channel. Like you said, it seems to be ratings they are after.
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