Wednesday, July 05, 2006
  A couple of thoughts on evolution

Okay, I'm here again, on the very same day. Cooling down after a great writing session, I came across a great post over at Feminist Mormon Housewives.

Evolution and Agency

It was an interesting process, reconciling my belief in God and in evolution. I could not ignore the facts - that the earth is billions of years old and that everything we've ever found in the fossil record is consistent with evolution. The "God made it look like that to test us" idea was absolutely preposterous. (And not something my parents ever taught me, BTW) We already have enough baggage without needing to believe in a God that lies just to make things harder for us.

What is fascenating to me is that this 'poof, there it is' idea of creation actually leads to a world that is smaller and less wondrous in scope than the idea of a universe vast in time as well as space. God is smaller to the YE creationist than to the theistic evolutionist.
I hadn't thought of it that way ... you've given me something to ponder on. Thank you! ;o)
Here is an interesting article to read...LDS or not, the points are valid and worth considering.

If you can't get to it by the link it is by By Elder George R. Hill III and is titled "Seek Ye Diligently". You can find it on in the gospel library. The article deals with science and religion.

Also, there is a lot of good information on the website linked to in a comment on the Feminist Mormon Housewives blog on Evolution. The site is:

I think that there is plenty of room for certain views of evolution, but we absolutely cannot discount Adam and Eve and the knowledge we have been given regarding the creation in both Genesis and in the book of Moses. We all have an agency to choose what we believe, and as for me I believe that although it is true that God is bound by the laws of nature, there is much of those laws that we have yet to completely understand. Without a perfect knowledge, we cannot make an informed decision one way or the other. Although there is much symbolism in the scriptures I believe there are times we are spoken to plainly and it can be easy to over analyze truth.

I am not saying I have the answer to this age old question but I think I found some interesting things to consider.

One last thing...and you (or I) could do a post just on this we have more faith in the arm of the flesh or in the Lord and those He has chosen to be His mouthpiece? God and science will be reconciled one day when we have a perfect knowledge but until then there will always be a certain amount of faith necessary or why are we even here if not to learn and prove ourselves?
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