Sunday, July 30, 2006
  It's a Flea Circus!

Our host, none other than the illustrious Dr. Flea, provides for our viewing pleasure a grand circus of minute proportions. Grab your popcorn and let's go!

Of interest to me is Tara's post on Aetiology about biofilms and ear infections. First, I had never really heard of biofilms, and though they appear to be a frustrating occurance in medicine, as a molecular biologist wannabe, they seem really really cool. Second, we have a family history of problems with ear infections. My dad -> me -> at least three of my children. Interefering with that bacteria's ability to excrete gunk and encase itself in a biofilm sounds like a good thing to me. I bet that kind of drug could help other chronic infections like sinus too.

And then there is Dr. Gwenn's post on what to tell our children, and media posting images that are bad for anyone, any age.

Fun was had by all.
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