Monday, August 21, 2006
  I wish it was a vacation keeping me from posting.

Family stayed at my house this past weekend. The weekend before that I went to three social functions and entertained two different visitors I hadn't seen in years. This coming weekend we will have a friend from Japan staying.

You may have thought up until now that I was a rather nerdy introvert, not the social butterfly these occurances make me out to be. In this, you would be right. While I've been enjoying this contact a lot, when it is all over I think I'll find a closet somewhere to live in all by myself.

I have been working on the next post and thinking about comments. I hope to post something in the next couple of days, but may find myself unable to. My younger girls are in school, my oldest is starting school next monday, and I have a toddler.

I know there are very few of you out there, but still I feel obligated to say I haven't forgotten your very interesting questions and comments, or this series of posts, or this blog.

When I get done with the series, remind me to tell you of the chiropractor who sells himself with little yellow fliers headed by "A Doctor's Confession", with picture of his cute daughters and even testimony of prospective patients who go to him because of his cute little family. Gag.
Well, at least ex utero didn't run you from the blogosphere.

That advertisement is reproduced all over the country with only the name and picture being different. I have seen word for word similar ads in two different cities nowhere near each other. Now I can say three since it is clearly in your town. What chiropractors do is pay practice building services to provide them with such crap. These ads are a perfect example of the unethical practices rampant within chiropractic. I have been planning on posting on this very subject regarding those ads.
I have seen a similar ad run by dentists in our area. What does a sweet two year old have to do with how well mommy or daddy can fill a tooth? Very irritating. I have also seen the same type of ads run by lawyers. It makes me wonder if they are good at their chosen profession if they have to resort to family pictures to get clients...
To be fair, there are equally questionable adds put out by MD's as well. Just not anywhere near the same degree as by chiropractors and their ilk.
There is a hospital here that has an advert. on the radio that I just can't believe. It is advertising the interventional radiologists citing a fictional case of abdominal aneurysm. The actors sound like the comic actors I used to commission for funny training audio programs for pharmaceutical representatives. The advert. is just odd.
Speaking of ads that leave a bad taste in our mouth, I just heard one yesterday on the radio:

"Turn crash into cash. Attorney [Unethical Dude]"

That was it. That was the entire ad.
Head On! Apply directly to the forehead. Head On! Apply directly to the forehead. Head On! Apply directly to the forehead.

If you've seen the commercials, you are laughing right now. If not, you think I'm an idiot.
And once you have heard "Head on!" it is likely to echo in your brain at odd times. Just enough to ensure I would never buy it no matter what.
Good for you. Of course there are much better reasons to not buy a bogus homeopathic product(is there any other kind?). But if annoyance works then great.
Unfortunately all that advertising works, otherwise they wouldn't use what does that say about us (well, maybe not those of us that think it is bogus, but people in general)? You know what PT Barnum said, but I like to think of it as people believe things because they are so desparate to have someone care about their issues.

On the other topice...I am happy to say that I was part of the distraction to the Granola. I was insane enought to drive 800 or so miles with 5 kids 9 and under by myself. It was, however, liberating and very much worth it. We enjoyed our time. But... I am still recouperating...Thanks again Granola and family. If only everyone on th post were lucky enough to spend real time with you!
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