Monday, October 23, 2006
  Carb Wars

A friend came over to our house the other day. We offered him some lunch since he'd arrived around that time. He politely declined, informing us that he was having a real battle with carbs this month. He wasn't going to eat any carbs at all.


What I fear is that he doesn't understand the rules of engagement with this particular war.

Let me tell you a secret. In 2005 I lost 70 lbs. Since then, I've maintained that weight. Let me tell you another secret, completely free of charge. I promise you, I won't make a dime off this. I'm doing this out of my own altruistic nature.


No special diet, no miracle piece of equipment, no pill, no drink.

The equation is easy: calories in vs calories out.

It's one of those simple truths that run deep in the implications and hard in the implimentations.
It's when I hear stories such as the no carb guy that I realize how uneducated the general populace really is or can be on nutrition and exercise issues.

I have my own example. I overheard another mom talking while our children were playing t-ball (in fact, it's all she did while he played--talk to others instead of cheering for her son, but I'm off topic.) She said, "Oh, I've tried it all, from Atkins to Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers to the grapefruit diet, pills, you name it. I can't lose this weight."

I inwardly groaned. She had one child, and at the age of 23 she is complaining that she can't get the weight off? I've been around this woman quite a bit since late August. She's dependent, whiny, and lacks self-control. She may have tried everything, but she didn't give it her all.

I've had three children--gained right around 40 pounds with each of them. I worked to get those pounds off of me. Like you said--expend more energy than you consume.
I just watched a program last night that talked about women who had gastric bypass surgery and after they lost the weight, their life was still a mess. These women became addicted to something else- alcohol, sex, etc. and they say that roughly 30% of gastric bypass patients have this problem. Because they no longer can endulge in the addiction to food and they haven't dug deep enough to figure out why they had such an addiction in the first place, they then transfer the addiction. Very interesting. Eating, not eating, weight and diets are all a way that each individual (with the means) can exhert control where they may otherwise feel out of control. Those that want to focus on carbs or no carbs, fat or no fat...extremist dieting instead of a rounded diet that controls calories in and out, including exercise...perhaps need to find the real issue causing the battle and fight it. Just a thought.
You should package that somehow so you can make some money off that crazy idea ;)
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