Saturday, October 14, 2006
  Modern Organized Religion

I said a while ago in my post about organized religion that I was going to comment on modern organized religion. I had, at the time, planned something pretty in depth, but I don't think I want to go there any more.

The summary of my thoughts are this:

Small religious organizations are especially at risk for the kind of tribalism that sets them at odds with other religious organizations and beliefs that differ from their own. They must maintain a sufficient membership in order to remain alive. Fear tactics are commonly employed, as well as bashing other religions and beliefs.

Individuals not well grounded in their own beliefs will also resort to attacking* the beliefs of others rather than examining their own, so even in organizations that are 'confident', and so devote much more energy to humanitarian and inclusive persuits, there are many individuals who are highly antagonistic against anyone not clearly in line with their beliefs.

*I think there is a difference between attacking beliefs and arguing beliefs. When attacking beliefs, the goal is not to uncover the truth but to destroy the credibility of the opponent. When arguing, the goal of the individual who is debating is to establish that their stance is the correct one. If that individual has integrity, once they have found flaws in their view, they will reevaluate.

I enjoy discussing my beliefs, and sometimes even arguing them simply because it is an interesting exercise in which I always learn. When I see something I consider false, I tend to try to correct it, but otherwise I feel no need to defend my beliefs. The only reason I've brought them up on this blog is so that, as I blend my skeptical remarks with my religious ones, I'll have a post to direct someone to to show them why I am the way I am. This is simply because I find that as a theist and a skeptic to most paranormal claims, alternative medicine, etc. I am in the minority.

So, this is pretty much the end of my more involved religious posts, unless something interesting comes up.
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