Saturday, November 04, 2006
  NaNoWriMo Day 3 and 4

Day 3

I wasn't going to give up. I had the scene in my head, I liked where the story was going, and I had to log in my word count for the day. So I stayed at the keyboard, despite my exhaustion.

This is the result:

About an hour later, they came up on a house that looked very much like an inn, except for the fact that Joy had made no comment.

I had dozed off literally in the middle of writing that sentence and began writing some kind of dream thing. There is no Joy in my novel. No joy either, so far, really. I've been mean and cruel to my character. Anyway, at that point, I knew it was a lost cause and went to bed.

Word count for Nov 3: 1318

Day 4:

I tried yoga today at our gym for the first time. I'd gone at our old gym before, and liked it before the instructor moved away. It was kind of an active meditation, with lots of focus on breathing and control and relaxation. I wanted that this morning. I didn't get it.

At our gym they are teaching power yoga, it appears. There was very little talk of breathing. This was yoga to strengthen the body, and it pretty much ignored the more spiritual/psychological roots of yoga. If I hadn't been expecting a 'self induced stretching mind/body/spirit massage relaxing treat', I would have been fine with the workout. But as it was, this focused a lot on leg strength and core strength. That is something else I might have been fine with except that, well, I had done a kickboxing workout that did that yesterday(spontaneously because of the time I happened to go to the gym, but I like it and will make a point to attend that class now) and the day before, some a serious lower body strengthening weight session.

Ouch. I probably won't even get legs, buns, and abs of steel from this. Not nearly as much strength than if I had put some rest time in between those sessions filled with squats and lunges and deadly elbow swipes. Ugh.

Before that I baked a cake and cleaned the kitchen. After that, I put angel boy down for a nap, took a kid to a birthday party, then came home to finish preparing my oldest's birthday party, picked up kid from other party, etc. until the party was done at 9:00 this evening. I was exhausted.

Then I wrote.

Word count for today, Nov 4: 1071

I've gotten a little graphic thing, finally. The total is there, in the upper right.
LDS is okay with yoga? Many religious aren't.

One of the salutes in yoga can be interpreted as "the god/goddess within me salutes the god/goddess within you."
The LDS religion has doctrines that would be in harmony with that. We believe everyone is a literal spirit child of God, and that we humans are ourselves, eternal in nature. God has not created our being, simply clothed it with the ability to act within the universe, making us able to make choices, and then given us the challenges we need to grow. Our goal is to become like God.

Yoga is also about accepting your body, being in tune with it, and controlling it. This is another thing that puts it very much in harmony with LDS teachings.
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