Thursday, November 09, 2006
  Nanowrimo day 9

You know why I kept writing tonight? Because I'm a writer. That is the only reason.

I wrote the words to make the count. They were appropriate to the story. But it wasn't fun.

I did it, because this exercise is about endurance. I need to be willing to stay at the keyboard and come back to the keyboard even if I'm frustrated. I need to be able to push through that last repetition of that last set when my muscles can barely even move the iron.

My "real writing" will not be accomplished quite like this where the goal is word count. When I'm really writing, maybe only 20 words will get down in a session, but I will have learned a lot about the story. And I will have sat at the keyboard to work that day, and stuck to it, wringing those words out of my soul with passion.


I love how you said
wringing those words out of my soul with passion

that is how it truly feels for me too. But it's a painful feeling I love. Best of luck to you on finishing your NaNoWriMo novel in time.

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