Thursday, November 02, 2006
  National Novel Writing Month: Day 1 and 2

Some of you who know me know what this is. Some of you may know what this is regardless of knowing me.

Insane, that is what it is.

One month. 50,000 words.

In some ways, it was easier last year when my now toddler took several good sized naps. He's down to just one, and sometimes I crash with him, as I did today. Not only that, the poor kid is sick and has been very clingy. I've gone back to nursing on demand, since he doesn't eat well but has always nursed well when sick. It is an ear infection that he's had for about 9 days now. After 10 days if he isn't better, it probably isn't something viral or something he can easily overcome on his own. This is different from how my other kids were managed years ago. I'd hoped he was getting better, but he still had a fever when the advil wore off this evening and he still has a snotty nose. I'll let the medicine wear off more tomorrow and see what happens.

And this year's story just didn't pull me in as much as last year's, in which I basically made my own self the main character of a post apocalyptic story. It was fun to do, and easy to turn off the editor because I never expected to use the material to publish since post apocalyptic is cliche now. I just had always wanted to do one, so it made the perfect excuse to poor so much effort into something I would never publish.

But this one, I think I will try to beat into publishable format. I like the premise a lot. So it is a slower start but the love is deeper.

First sentence:

The last thing Owen heard in his short life was his mama's scream and then the cackle of his own flesh burning before the pain thrummed through his head, silencing the world forever.

Hint: he's not dead.

Word count (I'll get a graphic thingy here when I have a bit of time.):

Day 1: 418
Day 2: 2,109
Here's a hint: you're doing better than I am! (Wordcount so far: 0... was hit with a huge influx of medical stuff for EK this week, and its just thrown me off my groove!)

Here's to our both winning!!

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