Sunday, November 19, 2006
  Silicon Implants

Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.

Well, silliness has been vanquished by more silliness in order to enact silliness. Yes, our government has decreed that silicon implants are safe. A company had to go under before that happened, but that's okay. It was just a big pharma monster that deserved what it got.

Breast implants are a pet peeve of mine. They are the ultimate symbolic action by a woman to say "Hey, it's okay to see me as just a sex toy. Look, I'm enhanced!" Ugh. It does not improve your health, it does not improve your personality, and it puts you at risk for several complications.

But maybe I'm a hypocrit, because I'm about to undertake the first steps towards a procedure that I've wanted done for a long, long time. It does, in fact, involve silicon that will be implanted into my body. Maybe.

I took my contacts off for the last time today for a couple of weeks in order to have an exam that will determine the best procedure to correct my vision. Since I have a diopter of 10.0 in my left eye and 10.5 in my right eye, I am not a very good candidate for lasik. There is just not enough cornea to accomodate that kind of correction.

So, I will have either the Visian or the Veriseye (formerly Artisan) implants.

The biggest reason I want them is because I hate my glasses. I do not like the shape they make my face, the way my eyes are much smaller, and I think I still hold a deep seated insecurity from being teased about them in elementary school. I try to deny this, by saying everything else that is true. I want to see things in the middle of the night, and as soon as I wake up without needing to wear my glasses. I want to open my eyes in the water when I'm swimming, or at the very least not be worried about losing a contact as well as be able to see. Messing with contacts is inconvenient and it would save me time.

But I have to admit, the biggest reason is looks and psychological. And so it makes me wonder: I am undergoing a surgery in order to enhance my natural form. Should I look askance breast implants?

Hrm. There is a factor that comes into play. My natural form is flawed. I cannot see well enough to function without correction. A small breast is not a flaw.
OK - maybe it's me but I do see a distinction between surgery that corrects a functional problem and breast augmentation (in the absence of a mastectomy). I'm also disturbed by the recent assertion that women who undergo breast implants are more prone to suicide.

Liberate yourself from those spectacles!

Regards - Shinga
I'm in my mid 40's and discussed with my opthamologist getting lens implants as I am nearsighted. He said that our experience with entering the eye is predominantly with older people who have glaucoma and who don't typically live more than 20 or 25 years afterward. He thinks invading the eye at a younger age is a somewhat risky proposition - we don't know if there will be issues that will arise later.
However, I do have breast implants. I was a size AAA until my late 20's when I got modest sized ones. My clothes fit better and I have more social confidence. There's no need to have huge ones unless you want them to be your predominant feature and emotionally healthy women don't.
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