Sunday, December 03, 2006

Has anyone watched that TV show Monster House? When a project gets completed, it gets stamped and a voice proclaims "DONE!"

That's how I feel. Almost.

Accomplishments for the past two weeks.

  1. Weaning the 20 month old: DONE
  2. Carpets cleaned (we have our own machine to do it): DONE
  3. Christmas shopping: DONE
  4. Thanksgiving weekend with family: DONE
  5. Relief Society (a women's class I teach once a month) lesson: DONE
  6. Teaching Fiction unit with daughter's 3rd grade class: DONE
  7. PTA literature Reflections processed and delivered. Now I need to get them back from judges and combine scores to get winners. Deadline is tuesday.
  8. End of track/Christmas party/cast party for daughter's 6th grade Shakespeare play with Russian food samples: DONE
  9. Big Gas Guzzling monster family mover incompacitated. I did a thousand+ dollar job at this. And that is when we know mechanics who will barter for labor. Actually, it isn't really my fault, but it was partially my ignorance the struck the death blow for our differential drive. I hate ignorance. I'm spending my life irradicating it.
  10. Pediatric Grand Rounds: DONE

Am I bragging, am I whining? I don't know. But mostly, it is DONE and I'm glad.

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