Thursday, December 28, 2006
  Faith through Adversity

I can't get the picture of her out of my head right now. It isn't just her face, it is her holding her little baby, a tube coming out of his nose and taped to his head.

"He looks so good," I said stupidly. He did look healthy, except for the tube, but we all knew that in a few weeks he would be dead of the brain tumor he had been born with. A baby hoped for, prayed for, another one gone. Three of her children had died of cancer, and a pair of twins had died from complications of premature birth.

And now she is gone too, along with two more children. The family was hit by a drunk driver early sunday morning.

All that is left is the father, Gary Ceran, and two kids. In total, he has lost his wife and 7 children. Do you want it to get worse? His mother died two years ago, and one of his brothers just a few months after that.

And after all of that, after everything, he forgives the drunk driver and is praying for the man. It is is faith in God that is carrying him through this.
What a wretched story and yet it says something remarkable that even amidst such adversity there is such a remarkable testament to this man's faith.

Regards - Shinga
It is is faith in God that is carrying him through this.

So many sorrows to bear. What a mercy that this man does have faith, because faith is hope. Those without faith have no hope. They have only their sorrow.
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