Wednesday, January 24, 2007
  Ami's Musings about Blogging

Warning: Unless you know me, the following is probably boring. It might be boring even if you know me. If all you want to know is if I'm still alive and happy, then read no further. Okay, read the very end paragraph where I tease you with things I will be writing within the next few days.

I am torn. I am not sure I want to give up ‘the granola’ but I’ve also wanted to consolidate. Why have two spaces when I could only have one? But why mix things up too much? But then, why make it so complicated for friends to hear my voice? And back and forth it goes.

The real problem is that I like the idea created by the title ‘the granola rules’ and being ‘the granola’. It rings a lot with what I want to say in that blog. I’m playing with changing around my categories to reflect it. Maybe posting as multiple people. One is the author breaking into publication and considering screenplay writing (or rather, being begged by her husband to do it), the other is the science observer and pseudoscience critic. And what about Amka on poor ‘testing the cultural divide’? Well, all the posts in that blog have been transitioned over into Those words come from a woman caught in the middle of living earth life, and especially between two cultures. Suddenly, after being far enough away from an intense and difficult encounter with Russian culture, I have something to say there now too.

Writers block is not my problem right now. Time and not letting myself really post until I get at least the blog at up in good form are my foes here.

Here are some personal updates: I’m getting a tonsillectomy. Yay. I guess that means no more chips and salsa for a while. But I had to do it before I went ahead and got my eyes fixed, which is happening in March. That makes for a total of three surgeries within about 2 months. The eyes are done one at a time. I'm also in physical therapy. On one level, I'm feeling a bit overmedicalized. (Is that a word?) And yet, isn't this moving forward? By the beginning of April I will be completely healthy. I will see better than I've ever seen. I will run faster than I've ever run, and more safely too. And I'll be able to smell my baby's poopy diapers better than I ever have before.

I can't wait!

Topics I'm dying to write about, either here or at fibromyalgia. Doc around the Clock has some interesting posts on it and I have a bit more to say. And mothering as a demanding career not to be taken lightly.
You've made good comments on fibromyalgia.

Good luck with your various enterprises.

Regards - Shinga
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