Monday, January 01, 2007
  Happy New Year

New Years Resolutions?

Don't have any. Not anything that I've coined as such anyway. But I do have general goals in mind for the coming months and days.

1. Maintain my exercising, including participating in a couple of 5Ks. I'm not sure I would bother putting it down as a goal, but a couple of things have made me feel the need to focus energy on this. I've had mutinous tonsils (they've attempted a coup 4 times this past year) and a whiny knee that started having a tantrum.

2. Finish rewrites for a short story and submit it somewhere. This is a short story I wrote for a Halloween contest at Codex.

3. Finish a novel by June. Have a couple outlines for it somewhere, but I think I'll just write a new outline. Outlines, by my definition and for my use, are chapter summaries.

4. Other things, that are important to me but none of your business.

5. Start a real personl/professional website. After only a few month stay, I'm leaving blogger behind. Testing the Cultural Divide has died due to server problems, but the posts in it will still be at the new place. I've been working on this a bit here and there, and husband is currently working on it. I'll keep this up, for posterity's sake, but in the coming days I'll stop posting here. So, to my handful of readers, get your RSS feeders ready for the move, to be announced soon.
OK - I'll keep my antennae twitching for the changeover.

Regards - Shinga
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